Dedicated to the women athletes in the sport of Axe Throwing.

We're in the process of building our organization's website. However, if you'd like more information on joining the team, or sponsorship, please use the menu for more information.

Want to join a Women Axe Throwers Org. League? Here is a list of the current affiliated Axe Houses, and they're upcoming schedule(s).

Your local Axe House isn't listed? Be sure to ask about the WATOrg Women's Leagues and help us build the community, and get you throwing in a Women's Axe Throwing League!


  • AGAWAM AXE HOUSE: 2019 Summer League. AGAWAM, MA
    agawamaxe.com (413) 654-6789
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Women Axe Throwers Organization was created to build a multi-divisional League for all the Women Axe Throwers around the world. While there were currently 2 major organizations which focused on Leagues and Events for both Men and Women, there wasn't an official Women's League for the sport - so, we decided to build one.

Rather than create and require those dedicated women to re-learn a new target, and to require Axe Houses to install a new target, we knew we had to incorporate both 5-ring and 3-ring targets, rules and skills.

Our Goal is to create a Women's League for the purposes of growing the sport for women, offering Titles for women and showing the world these bad-axe women.

Our vision is to build a world-wide community of the Women Axe Throwers, encouraging Sponsors for these amazing competitors and to encourage more women in to the sport.

The Women Axe Throwers Organization is not affiliated with either the WATL or NATF organizations.