Women Axe Throwers Organization was created to build a multi-divisional League for all the Women Axe Throwers around the world. While there were currently 2 major organizations which focused on Leagues and Events for both Men and Women, there wasn't an official Women's League for the sport - so, we decided to build one.

Rather than create and require those dedicated women to re-learn a new target, and to require Axe Houses to install a new target, we knew we had to incorporate both 5-ring and 3-ring targets, rules and skills.

Our Goal is to create a Women's League for the purposes of growing the sport for women, offering Titles for women and showing the world these bad-axe women.

Our vision is to build a world-wide community of the Women Axe Throwers, encouraging Sponsors for these amazing competitors and to encourage more women in to the sport.