To best serve the Women and the Axe Houses, we've incorporated the 5-ring target board for this division of the Women's Leagues.

We have modified the throwing distance, and added a diamond for the Women's Leagues.

A Game consists of 10 throws per thrower. Each thrower will throw 5 throws in their assigned lane, throwers switch Lanes and throw their remaining 5 throws.

The winner is determined by the highest score.

Standard 5-ring board. The point scoring system is identical to the 5-ring target. The rings are scored, from the outside (largest) in (smallest). 1 pt, 2 pts, 3 pts, 4 pts and the bullseye is worth 6 points. The Blue Circle is worth 8pts, and the Diamond is worth 10 pts.

The minimum throwing distance (fault line) is 11ft from the back of the target (standard 5-ring rules are 12ft). A thrower’s front foot must be behind the 11ft fault line while throwing. Once the axe has left the player’s hand, they may continue forward of the fault line.

A thrower may use 1 or 2 hands to throw their axe. One one axe rotation is allowed per throw.

To score points, the axe blade must stick in the target until retrieved by player. An official Judge must call the score before the axe is removed. When the axe falls between values, the higher point is always counted. For a bullseye, the axe blade must be touching the red bullseye, not just the line.